If you're tired of dieting, done with restricting, and simply want to enjoy good food, you've come to the right place.

I became a dietitian to help people learn to love food, not fear it or agonize over it. We live in a world where food is victimized, where food is the enemy, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Diets just don’t work.

Working with me means working towards balance, an appreciation for food, and an understanding of the connection between good food and health.

Working with me means working towards wellness, and it’s easier (and more delicious) than you might think.

To me, wellness means eating fresh and wholesome foods with a focus on plants. It means drinking lots of water, exercising regularly and being physically active throughout the day. It means getting plenty of sleep each night and managing your stress.

But guess what? Wellness also means balance. It means the occasional ice cream cone, cheese board and glass of rosé. It means taking days off from workouts, walks on the beach, and nights out with friends.

I believe in a mostly-plant-based, wholesome food diets, but I don’t believe in deprivation.

Working with me means working towards a positive relationship with food and knowing there’s a place for food that’s indulgent and fun.

I use a whole-person, comprehensive health and wellness method. I combine principles of nutrition and scientific research with client preferences and needs to create customized and sustainable food and lifestyle plans.

Food is meant to nourish both our bodies and our souls, and I’ll help you find balance and develop a lasting and healthy relationship with food. There’s no restriction or diet misery here.

After working with me, you’ll feel comfortable making your own food decisions. You’ll feel knowledgeable and empowered entering a grocery store, ordering at a restaurant, and cooking in your kitchen at home. You’ll gain an appreciation for wholesome foods, learn how to eat mindfully and consciously, and feel a sense of pride and joy when it comes to cooking and eating.

I became a dietitian to help create a healthier, happier and well-fed world.

The first wealth is health.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson