Everything You Need to Know About Ashwagandha

The term “adaptogen” is everywhere on wellness blogs and in the media these days, but what does it actually mean?

I recently spoke with Lucky Vitamin about the adaptogenic herb ashwagandha—what it is, the potential benefits, who might benefit from taking it, and how to incorporate it into your diet.

Like any supplement, check with a health care provider before making any changes to your routine.

Check out my thoughts on the Lucky Vitamin blog.

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Eat Global…Cook Local

I was lucky to attend the Fourth Annual Food Lab Conference at Stony Brook Southampton on September 14-15. With the topic Eat Global, Cook Local as the anchor for the weekend, diversity was at the forefront of the discussions, panels and food served.

Admittedly, the highlight for me was the incredible dinner Saturday night prepared by Chef Carolina Santos-Neves (shown below). Everything served was fresh and full of flavor. The eggplant and cauliflower and the roasted fish were the standouts for me.

You can check out more of my thoughts over on Organic Produce Network.

If you didn’t attend (and if you did), mark your calendar for next year!


7 Foods to Buy When You're Broke

Last week I spoke with US News & World Report about nutritious foods that don't break the bank. Healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive and there are so many nutrient-dense options in the grocery store that are way less expensive than packaged junk food.

My top picks in the piece: Bananas and canned beans.

Check out the article for other great tips!

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These 8 Sneaky Foods Have Smaller Portion Sizes Than You Thought

For weight management, portion size is key. There are very few foods (excluding super processed junk) that I advise clients to never eat. Unless you have an allergy or intolerance, any wholesome food can fit into a nutritious diet, even ice cream. It just comes down to proper portion sizes.

I spoke with HealthiNation about where portion sizes on packaging come from and how to determine what the best portion size is for you.

Check out the article here.

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15 Vitamins (and Supplements) Nutritionists Don’t Take

I'm not a big supplement person, so I was happy to share my thoughts with Reader's Digest on supplements that aren't necessary for most generally healthy people.

The supplement industry is HUGE, and marketing would have you think you need to be taking tons of pills and powders in order to be healthy.

While certain people can benefit from taking specific supplements (and may even require them), there are lots of supplements out there most people don't really need.

Check out my thoughts in Reader's Digest.

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Do Weight-Loss Shakes Really Work?

Like most things in life, there's no quick fix when it comes to sustainable weight loss.

While shakes and meal replacements might seem like a quick and easy solution for meeting your weight loss goals, I'm not a fan of the practice.

Sure, weight-loss shakes can be beneficial for short-term weight loss because they help with calorie control while providing all the essential nutrients your body needs, but once you are off the shakes, you are likely to return to your old eating habits and gain the weight back. Plus, most shakes are loaded with artificial sweeteners and other overly processed ingredients that can wreak havoc on your gut, which is tightly connected with your overall health.

Check out more of my thoughts on EatingWell.com.

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5 of the Best Memory Supplements

I recently spoke with Lucky Vitamin on specific nutrients and supplements that may help with memory.

I always promote food first, but sometimes I recommend specific supplements for certain people. As I say in this article, "Nutrients in isolation don’t always have the same effect as nutrients in food. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and other healthful foods to get the majority of your nutrients, and use supplements to help you meet the recommended amounts."

Check out the article, and be sure to speak with your health care provider (or book an appointment with me!) before starting any new supplement regimen.

Spotlight on Sang Lee Farms

I recently wrote a piece on the North Fork's Sang Lee Farms for Organic Produce Network.

Many farms on the east end operate with organic practices, but organic certification is a giant undertaking and Sang Lee is one of the few that has chosen to become certified.

My piece covers their educational programs, including Summer Farm Camp for kids, plant-based medicine workshops, cooking classes, and a series of wellness speakers.

Check out the article, and if you're up on the North Fork, head over to Sang Lee Farms for certified organic produce and prepared organic foods such as salad dressings, veggie burgers, cold salads and more.

Get 10% off meal delivery services

If there is one piece of diet information that applies to nearly everyone, it's eat more vegetables. They're low in calories, high in fiber, loaded with nutrients, and widely under-consumed in our country.

A sure-fire way to pack more vegetables into your diet is to incorporate more plant-based meals into your week. While I don't push vegan diets on clients (I personally follow more of a Mediterranean-style of eating), I'm a big fan of the vegan meal delivery service Euphebe.

Euphebe delivers freshly prepared, individually packaged, frozen plant-based meals that make healthy eating easy and convenient for people who just don't always have time to cook.

They have several options to choose from and they offer customized menus.

To get started on this program, use the code JENNL10 to receive 10% off your first order.

Let me know if you have any questions!

10 reasons why the keto diet could be making you gain weight

Keto is one of the trendiest diets out there right now, but I'm really not a fan for most people.

I prefer working with clients to help them find an eating pattern that's going to work long term and keto just isn't that kind of diet. 

I recently spoke with Insider on why people might end up gaining weight on keto (hint: a lot of people who think they're doing keto are actually doing it wrong.)

Check out the article here.

6 surprising reasons frozen food is good for you

I'll admit my fridge gets a lot more use than my freezer, but it's not because frozen food can't be good for you.

I have the luxury of swinging by the grocery store or my favorite farm stands almost every day, but I see the value in having frozen options on hand.

When it comes to the frozen food aisle, you've just gotta know how to decipher between the good stuff and the junk.

Check out this piece on Insider that I was recently featured in that discusses why and how you can incorporate frozen foods into your meals.

Two more days to save on packages

If you're like me, you've been taking advantage of the deals and discounts during Hamptons Wellness Week.

Last weekend I stopped by the kickoff event at Topping Rose House to meet the other amazing providers throughout the East End,

On Wednesday I took my first class at the brand new Tru Fusion in Southampton. While most of the classes are heated, which isn't typically my thing, I took the unheated (though still quite warm) Kettle Booty and man, I felt my booty the next day. I liked the energizing music and welcoming personalities of the instructors, which made the difficulty of the class more manageable. I'll definitely be back again for another workout.

Tomorrow, I'll be at the Topping Rose House for the final event. I'm looking forward to the class from Exhale, one of my favorite studios in the Hamptons.

Just a reminder I'm offering 20% off all sessions and packages booked during Hamptons Wellness Week (just two more days!)

Sessions are good throughout the summer, so stock up now. 


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Hamptons Wellness Week

Hamptons Wellness Week is just a few days away, and I'm super excited to be participating as a local provider....so excited that I started my promotion early!

From now until June 9 I'm offering 20% off all single sessions and packages. Book now at this discounted rate and use your appointments all summer long!

Wellness is about living and feeling your best and I'm here to help you do just that.

I help clients gain more energy, squash digestive issues, conquer emotional eating, have glowing skin and hair, develop a positive relationship with food, and learn how to choose foods that are nutrient-dense and health-supporting.

Most importantly, I help clients figure out what works for them, because everyone is different and diet isn't one-size-fits-all.

Book now and start feeling your best today!


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Hamptons Fit Now Has an App

Last month I announced I'll be working with Hamptons Fit, a premier athletic training and wellness company with the leading fitness instructors, trainers and wellness professionals on the East End. 

Today the Hamptons Fit App went live in the App Store! Click here or visit the App Store and type in “Hamptons Fit” to find it, download and register!

You'll be able to book sessions with me and also join group classes or buy individual sessions or packages to use with me or other trainers.

If you have any questions about booking sessions through Hamptons Fit, email me at jenn@hamptonsrd.com.

Introducing Hamptons Fit

I'm so excited to be a part of the launch of Hamptons Fit---officially launching TODAY! Hamptons Fit brings premier athletic training to your door (or the nearest facility of your choice) and is comprised of the leading trainers and wellness professionals on the East End. 

While most athletic and wellness companies (my own included) offer specialty services in one field, Hamptons Fit offers a suite of services under one platform for convenience in purchasing packages and scheduling sessions. You can book personal training sessions, tennis lessons, swim instruction, team sports coaching, nutrition services (by yours truly!) and massage therapy all on this single platform.

Hamptons Fit is perfect for individuals who are interested in combining sports training with nutrition and massage, or for families with children who want to pursue different activities. You can always book group sessions with friends and family, or join a group session put together by Hamptons Fit.

The site just launched TODAY! If you're interested in purchasing a package, we're offering 20% off all this month (sessions can be used all summer long). Email me for the code at jenn@hamptonsrd.com.


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