Your One Goal for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

'Tis the season of holiday parties. The next few weeks might seem like a blur of celebrations and feasts, but that doesn't mean you need to sideline your healthy living goals. No matter what you're aiming for--to lose or maintain weight, to exercise daily, to lower levels of stress--you can make progress towards your goals with one simple action: Be mindful of your decisions.

Let's face it, the holidays can feel overwhelming. Between decorating, buying gifts, planning menus and attending parties, to-do lists can pile up pretty fast, leaving little time for self-care.

And when it comes to food, the holiday season can feel like one big never-ending buffet. How can you possibly stay on track when there's an open bar and cookie exchange on every corner?

Yes, losing weight or reaching any health goal is a journey, and it's not going to happen over night, especially during the holiday season. But you can stay on track and feel in control if you stay mindful.

When it comes to food, take a step back before you fill your plate. Do you really want that cookie (or piece of cheese, or scoop of stuffing, or whatever it is in front of you)? How will you feel ten minutes after eating it? Later that night? The next day? Take time to stop and think about your choices, and if you do decide to take a bite, savor the taste and texture (rather than scarfing it down).

As for self-care, take time for yourself every day, whether it's mediation, a yoga class, a run outside, or even just a leisurely cup of coffee. It's okay to slow down. Stay in tune with your body and your emotions; this will help keep stress at bay, and ultimately make it easier to reach your goals.

Remember, the holidays are a time for family, friends, and giving, and it's okay if you aren't perfect. Staying mindful is the first step towards healthier living, and if you are in tune with how you body feels and the choices that you make, it will become easier to reach your goals. 

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season!

Our dog Brock is already over the holiday season!

Our dog Brock is already over the holiday season!