Birthday Celebrations

One of the reasons I love the Fourth of July is because it means my birthday is four days away. Birthdays are not as exciting as they used to be, but it's still a fun day where you can celebrate I celebrated me!

We started the day with bagels from Citarella. I love the New Yorker sandwich with smoked salmon and tomatoes. I don't get it that often so it is such a special treat. The weather was beautiful so I spent the whole day at the beach.

In the evening we celebrated with wine and cheese at Wolffer Estate Vineyard. I am a wine club member and we go there a lot, but it still always feels special. After Wolffer we had a fabulous dinner at my favorite restaurant in Southampton, Red Bar. We are treated like family there and the food is fantastic. We always start with the mussels--they are seriously the best! I had grilled fish with vegetables and wild rice as my main, and then we had the sorbet for dessert. Delish!

Indulging is a part of healthy living, and there's never a reason to feel deprived on your birthday. On special occasions, eat the foods that will make you feel good! My only rule is that you enjoy every bite. And remember, your birthday is just one day. Enjoy a few indulgences and get back on track the next day.

The wind was blowing but it was a beautiful evening!

The wind was blowing but it was a beautiful evening!