Expo East with Nounos Creamery

This past weekend I attended Expo East in Baltimore on behalf of Nounós Creamery, a Long Island-based authentic Greek yogurt company that I represent. If you haven't had a chance to try Nounós yet, hopefully you will soon. The company started in Southampton and has been around for about four years, but just started expanding outside of New York State in the last year. You can now find the yogurt in the northeast, Texas, Chicago and Southern California. For those in the Hamptons, it's in Citarella, Schmidt's and several local farm stands.

Nounós is unlike most Greek yogurts on the shelf because they use the traditional method to strain the yogurt. Big yogurt companies rely on mechanical straining. At Nounós, they simply use cheesecloth bags and let gravity do all the work. The entire yogurt-making process takes about three days and you can taste the slow-food difference. It is creamier, tangier and fresher-tasting than any yogurt in the store. In fact, Nounós is the only company with FDA approval to sell yogurt made with this method outside of New York.

Expo East attendees got a chance to sample all of the unique Nounós flavors, including classic plain, this past weekend. We also debuted three new whole milk yogurts. In addition to the fresh and delicious taste, attendees were blown away by the innovative packaging for the yogurt. The original low-fat flavors come in little glass jars, and the new whole milk flavors are packaged in ceramic. Both materials are better for the yogurt and the environment compared with plastic.

Check out our booth and be on the lookout for Nounós Greek yogurt!

Expo East