5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in the Hamptons

I am lucky to live in a health-conscious community.  Wellness is a way of life out here and it doesn't have to come at an outrageous cost. Here are five super simple ways to stay healthy in the Hamptons.


5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in the Hamptons

  1. Shop the local markets. In the summers we are blessed with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables grown right outside our doors. Choosing local produce is better for the environment and is one way to ensure a minimum amount of nutrition is lost in transit. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables there are plenty of purveyors who offer minimally processed, locally made dry goods such as breads, grains, granolas and jams. I always buy the local stuff if possible.
  2. Hit the beach. There's nothing better than spending an afternoon basking in the sun on the sand, but there are other ways to take advantage of the local beaches. Running on sand provides a solid workout and beach yoga gives you awesome views. You'll find me walking my dog Brock on village beaches in Southampton.
  3. Get out on the water. Surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming...there are so many different ways to work out on the water. I love to kayak around the North Sea Harbor.
  4. Order the fish. Fish is one of the healthiest protein sources you can choose and we are lucky to have plenty of it locally in the Hamptons. Choose local fish at your favorite markets and when ordering at restaurants around town.
  5. Take a cruise around town. On a beach cruiser, that is! Whether you are just cruising around or clipping in for a serious ride, biking is a fun way to get outdoors and be active with friends and family.

Why I Became an RD

Lots of people get intimidated, even turned off, when they hear I'm a dietitian. I think the word "dietitian" sounds a little strict, and people often interpret the word to mean "food police."

I'll be the first one to admit I'm a healthy eater. I eat a ton of vegetables. I eat whole grains and beans. I eat fruit every day and I eat fish a few times a week. But I also eat dessert. And pizza. And the occasional burger.

Everyone has their own interpretation of what "healthy" means. My philosophy is about eating wholesome foods and using food to nourish your body, mind and soul. Good health is about so much more than nutrients (though nutrients are super important too). 

I became a dietitian because I love food. I love to eat good foods to nourish my body, but I also respect the power food has as a part of culture, the ability it has to bring joy, and the role it plays in our families and communities.

Yes, I start my day with Greek yogurt and fruit and eat salads most days for lunch, but I also go out for ice cream. I drink wine and eat cheese. When I travel, I eat the local specialties and on holidays, I eat the traditional dishes.

As a dietitian my goal is to help clients find the balance that works for them. I strive to help others learn to love and appreciate how eating well makes them feel and understand the connection good food has to health. I help clients develop a healthy relationship with their food, and emphasize that their is a place for food that is indulgent and fun.

I became a dietitian so that I could help other learn to love food, not fear it or agonize over it. I became a dietitian to help create a healthier, happier and well-fed world.


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